FAQs about Beckett Springs

Are there any financial aid programs?

Beckett Springs understands the complexities associated with evaluating commercial healthcare insurance benefit plans and private payment options. We have a full-time financial counselor who will assist you in evaluating your benefit plan and private pay options.

Are there family meetings?

Families have the opportunity to participate in education and support groups to increase their understanding of addiction and mental illness. This process helps them learn about themselves and their roles and responsibilities in the recovery process. With this important information in hand, the family has a greater opportunity to reunite and start interacting in a more helpful and healthy manner. Learn more about family involvement in our "what to expect" section.

Can I have my cell phone?

Yes, however it will be secured in locked area with limited access upon admission.

Can I make phone calls?

We encourage ongoing communication with loved ones and significant others. We have designated times on the daily schedule for phone calls. The times are designed so you are able to focus on your treatment and not to be distracted during scheduled treatment times. In emergency situations, the nurse in charge of the unit can make exceptions to the phone schedule. Incoming patient phone calls will be accepted as long as it is not during a scheduled group or activity. Outgoing phone calls are to be made during personal time and limited to 10 minutes in length. After discharge from the inpatient unit, you are not permitted to call patients.

Can I visit? What times? Can I bring my children? Is there an age limit?

A visitation schedule will be provided to you. Visitation is typically scheduled daily on two week nightsfor approximately an hour. There is also typically a special visitation and on one day during the weekend to include a family meal and family education group. To review visiting hours for Beckett Springs, click here.

Can my family/children visit me?

A visitation schedule will be provided to you and your family. Visitation is typically scheduled on two week nights for approximately an hour and on one day during the weekend to include a family meal and family education group. Visitation arrangement can be made to include children under the age of 13 and accomodate family needs.

Do I need to bring my own medications?

Yes, bring all of the medications you are currently taking (including OTC meds and inhalers) for verification. (These will be sent home if possible)

Do these programs really work?

It is essential that you engage fully in your own treatment plan, and that means attending all scheduled groups and individual sessions. The Beckett Springs staff is here to support you and encourage you, even when you may be tempted to do less than your best. We know you can and will be successful in your treatment stay, but only you can decide to get the most out of your stay with us. Our goal is to teach you the tools to regain your life.

How often will I see a doctor?

Inpatients meet daily with a psychiatrist. Partial hospitalization patients see a psychiatrist at least once per week Intensive outpatients see a psychiatrist at least once per month. Those under our medication management program are supervised by a medical provider of psychiatric services.

I just need someone to refill my medication. Can you do that?

Patients who are in the medication management program are seen typically one time per month if recently discharged from outpatient services, one time per quarter if symptoms have been managed with current prescriptions or at a frequency deemed necessary with the medical provider. All patients receiving medication management will receive a full evaluation prior to the start of medication management.

Is hospitalization necessary?

Hospitalization is necessary when patients are suffering from severe mental health issues that require constant monitoring for their safety as well as the safety of others. This could include symptoms such as suicidal ideations, homicidal ideations, function impairment such as delusions that impact their safety, or a patient going through detox that has the potential for clinically significant withdrawal symptoms.

Is there a dress code?

Our dress code guidelines are intended to encourage a respectful, safe and enjoyable environment for all patients. Clothing should not be revealing or extremely tight (no halter tops, tube tops, fishnet shirts, medical scrubs, short-shorts). Clothing should not contain drug/alcohol/sexual/gang-related messages.

Is there a laundry service?

Yes, we provide washers, dryers and detergent at no cost.

What happens after I am discharged from inpatient care?

Your care does not end once you leave the hospital. To continue your recovery, you should engage in follow up care. Participating in follow-up care supports your transition back home. It may also reduce the chance of you being readmitted to the hospital. Follow-up care helps you maintain the progress made during hospitalization. Research shows that patient who participate in follow-up care often have better health outcomes. The first thing you can do to support your recovery is to be sure that you fully understand your discharge plan. Before you leave the hospital, you will meet with a therapist who will go over the discharge plan with you. Please be sure that you understand every aspect of the recommendations outlined in the plan. Ask questions. Be sure that you understand any medications that you should be taking and any that you should not be taking. You may also want to continue to use the internet-based program that you used during your hospital stay to record your thoughts and progress. You should not hesitate to seek social support from family, loved ones and others to encourage you and help you follow your treatment plan. In many case, patients participate in one of the Beckett Springs outpatient programs to facilitate their transition back to their everyday lives. These programs include the Partial Hospitalization Program which meets six hours a day, five days a week or the Intensive Outpatient Program which meets three hours a day, three days a week. Beckett Springs also offers a weekly support group for alumni of our Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient Programs. The purpose of the alumni group is to provide a forum for alumni to meet together and provide ongoing support to each other. Learn more in our "After Your Stay" section.

What happens when I arrive?

Our program utilizes a treatment team approach that includes a variety of professional disciplines working together to personalize an individual treatment plan. Upon admission, we will evaluate you through a series of assessment tools and develop a specific, comprehensive treatment plan for you. Some of the major considerations that will be assessed include psychological conditions, behavioral problems, medical considerations, family dynamics, and vocational/supportive needs. Upon completion of these assessments, your treatment plan will be developed with you. You will then have a set of goals to focus on while you are in the hospital. All members of the multidisciplinary team will work together to assist you in achieving your specific goals.

Learn more in our "During Your Stay" section.